MoroccanStash is an online store focused on bringing the North African experience to America.

Nabil - MoroccanStash
Nabil – the store owner

You might be wondering where MoroccanStash has its roots. The answer is Fez and Gothenburg!

You read that right.

My name is Nabil and I’m the guy in the picture to the right.

I’m of Moroccan heritage but I was born & grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My parents were born and raised in Fez, Morocco and we’ve been there to visit yearly since childhood.

I therefore have a strong connection to my home country and have decided to help out my family by starting an online store where I sell everything from Moroccan lighting to jewelry and hopefully dresses.

Welcome to Moroccan Stash. I hope you like it here.

Let me know if you’re looking for something you can’t find and I’ll do my best to get my hands on it.